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Established in 1993, the Pottstown Family Center offers support programs and services that help families learn, grow and achieve self-sufficiency. The Pottstown Family Center serves families and children through the following programs:  

Through a grant from the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth, Alternative Response provides support to families who have a concrete need for assistance. The goal is to assist families in assessing their ongoing needs and provide support as they develop solutions in order to become self-sufficient. 

The Parent-Child Playgroup is designed to give parents an opportunity to observe their children in social situations and to talk with other parents of small children. Information on nutrition and physical activity is shared.

Parents As Teachers Home Visitation supports and assists parents in understanding their child’s development and encourages activities to promote healthy growth in language, cognition, motor, and social-emotional skills.

Parent Education Workshops provide community members with the opportunity to learn more about their own parenting style and how to respond more positively to their children. Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® and Guiding Good Choices are two evidenced-based curriculums used for parent education.

The PEAK (Pottstown Early Action for Kindergarten Readiness) Initiative PEAK logoworks with the Pottstown School District to coordinate community early childhood education and related services and make them more readily available. The Pottstown Family Center provides resources and support to families to assist them in fulfilling their roles as their child’s first teachers.  Visit the PEAK website to learn more about the initiative.

The Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program assists pregnant and parenting teens in completing their high school education by providing intensive case management and community referrals for child care, transportation and medical coverage.

The Time-Limited Family Reunification Program is available to parents whose children are placed in foster care with the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth. The program provides intensive home supportive services to parents while their children are in foster care. Services are provided for up to 15 months from the time the child enters foster care.

For more information on the Pottstown Family Center, contact Eve Bieber, director of the Pottstown Family Center, at 610-326-1610 ext. 341 or ebieber@fsmontco.org.

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